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our crew Old Chair Photography Lab

Rick is in charge of capturing unique and beautiful photographs for our clients. He's lugged his camera equipment all over the world documenting large civil projects. 

old chair photography lab

Amy's the social butterfly of our company. She too loves to travel, and lists Uganda & Rwanda as her favorite destinations. She loves kids, has a keen eye for beauty, and always seems to point her camera in 'just the right direction' to capture amazing pictures. 

old chair photography lab

Charlie loves to be photographed! He's also one heck of an office dog! He lists retrieving faxes from the fax machine, boxes from the warehouse, and chasing delivery people down the street as being among his favorite duties.

old chair photography lab
portrait & landscape photographer san bernardino

As experienced portrait & landscape photographers, we have a unique way of viewing common scenes. While the majority of stock photographers are photographing a sunset, we're watching the moon rise. Our goal has never been to simply fill an empty space on the wall, but to create photographs that both tell a story and provide a different perspective that intrigues our customer. We also encourage our customers to dig through their cache of photographs and allow us to print them on unique surfaces to create beautiful and unique photo gifts.

portrait & landscape photographer

bringing a different perspective

unique gifts of photography
Fawnskin, Ca.

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